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James Renaud
Videographer | Editor | Founder

James has helped establish VSP as well as organize the structure of the company. He is a videographer with years of experience capturing and editing film. 

James does an excellent job mapping out the vision before actually bringing the moment into existence. He strives to overdeliver and ensure that whomever he is working with gets the best service he can offer. 


Eno Renaud
Photographer | Videographer | Editor | Founder

Eno is an astounding photographer with Director experience and amazing talent behind the lens. She is extremely thoughtful when capturing moments and has the ability to identify key details within a very small window of time. 

Eno has been a photographer for years now and helped many clients express their image to the world with beautiful photos that contain an innumerable amount of words. Aside from her strong skillset in photography, she has now expanded her talents into videography and is gifted in her story telling and her ability to create a beautiful film for you or your company.